Design Crafts For Contemporary Living

These are interior shots of the lovely exhibition currently on at Bilston Craft Gallery where I have just finished as Maker in Residence. It was great to have two pieces of my work selected for this show and I’ve got a selection of accessories on sale in their shop too. It’s nice to continue my association with this lovely gallery for a bit longer. I’ve grown very fond of the place.

I had a meeting at Wolverhampton Art Gallery today (for a small project I’m starting in May, thanks to a recommendation from Bilston!) and was really excited to see two pieces of my work on their noticeboard! On of my cushions is on the poster for Design Crafts, and my showcase exhibition poster was on there too. Below are a couple more shots of the showcase which I took today. It looks great. I am so pleased with it.

cape back.JPG

apron and scarf in window.JPG

One thought on “Design Crafts For Contemporary Living

  1. just had a chance to look at your Bilston Blog – I really like the enamels-influenced embroidery rings. The embroidery rings hung on the wall like frames displaying fabrics seem to be everywhere at the minute since Purl started the trend, but these are just brilliant, I love how the tightening mechanism reflects the hinge on the enamel patch boxes.Have fun at Wolverhampton, they’re all lovely there. 🙂

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