mini quilts

I’ve been having a lot of fun making these quilty-things. They are actually potholders for cooking, but I prefer to think of them as mini-quilts, which is so much more fabulous. I’ve never been a potholder kind of person. Mind you, I’ve never been a quilt kind of person either. I like fast results, mostly and I hate leaving things unfinished for long. I know I haven’t got the time to hand-quilt (and machine quilting is just too modern for me). I was inspired to try making small quilts by this but hadn’t quite got there yet. Then I was asked to design some potholders for a forthcoming book, and after a little head scratching I worked out what I needed to do. And they were fun. I’m inclined to make more of these as they make nice samples to show at workshops.

The wedding dress plan is somewhat stalled awaiting fabric, and there will some late nights getting it done in time for the photoshoot. I’ve got it all ready to go, with the bodice drafted and toiled, the trimming planned, the sash half-made. It will get there.

I’m working on another order of corsages for Enamore, which is fun. She’s sent me some lovely new (old) fabrics to work with this time. They are available to buy online now. I had a pleasant evening sewing them up while watching Kingdom. No sewing during Dr Who though, that requires 100% attention.

In other news, there are more cushions on the road – this time nearer to home on the Recycling for Cumbria roadshow.
It is really nice to be asked to make things for books, to show things in exhibitions, to run workshops. It’s very hard to say no to opportunities like this. I’m not very good at saying no to any sort of work opportunity, and I pursue things constantly – like teaching, exhibitions, training, writing etc. Only a proportion ever come off, and often it’s the unpaid things that do, and the money-makers that don’t and it all takes an enormous amount of time.

Even things that I am directly asked to do involve preparation time; filling in forms, taking and adjusting pictures, costing things, making up parcels, queuing in the post office, invoicing, negotiating, following up, writing, sending and chasing press releases. At least 50% of my time is spent doing this kind of admin, often more like 90% and I only go to my studio to pack parcels.

I had a theory last month about cutting back in order to give myself more time off – you know, a couple of days a month – nothing drastic! But the opportunities continue to present themselves and the ever present threat of no income takes charge and I’m off again. However, right now, I am going to cross something off my to do list. An opportunity which would have been good, but isn’t essential, and wouldn’t ease any financial pressures. So off it goes, a weight off my shoulders. I might cross off something else tomorrow. I like this.

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