Blog birthday

Ooh, I got a mention on Whip up today. How nice!

I completely forgot that I should have celebrated a year of blogging several weeks ago. This is the faltering start I made on 11 April last year. I actually got my first two posts in the wrong order somehow.

I’m completely charmed by this idea – such a simple use for old lace. I’ve got a vast collection of stunning stuff that I keep being given (not complaining!) and don’t do much with it. I’m not absolutely sure about the two-pieces-of-glass idea, but framing is definitely the way forward. I wish I hadn’t chucked out so many picture frames last time I moved…

This has reminded me that I was thinking of adding some different stuff into this blog, about being green and what I do in my daily life as well as in my work. Maybe some tutorials too. I’ll start by going back and showing an old project. Boring old bedside cabinet turned fabulous one. This had another coat of paint at the last show and is looking pretty fantastic now. I’ve got plans to do much the same to my desk drawers and eventually make loose covers for the sofa. But not right now…

The pics are some recent purchases. Second hand, of course!

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