This is the finished wedding dress I started a few weeks ago. This is a sample dress for a magazine shoot on Friday (fingers crossed!) for a feature on ethical weddings. It’s made from eco sustainable hemp-silk fabric and lined with hemp/cotton muslin. The design is my own, based on 1910s styles developed by the incredible genius Paul Poiret, who I mentioned before. It’s a big investment of time and money making a sample from scratch, and I am so glad to have it successfully completed. I had to change lots of bits as I went along, mainly the draping of the skirt and some draping at the back which all came out at the last minute! That kind of massive change when a deadline is looming just keeps life exciting… The trimming design is similar to many of the 18th century techniques that I love, but is actually based on a 1960s Hong Kong jacket in the V&A. I’m looking forward to some rather more stylish pics of this than these ones with my tools and mess all around! There is yet another beautiful studio here for me to jealously drool over. Even if I had time to make it lovely, it would only be messy again in 5 minutes – my creative brain needs stuff all over the place!

9 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. Oh my God Ruth, that dress is beautiful! So elegant, and I love the detail! I am getting married in a month and if I wasn’t making my own dress already would totally go for this one! And the fabric! I have played with a hemp silk blend, but the hemp was in the weft and it didn’t drape at all. Yours is gorgeous!Ah, swoon!

  2. Hello Ruth! I’ve been a fan of your cushions for over a year now – was gutted I couldn’t make the Geffreye Museum workshop in the spring. Delighted to find you have a blog (mention it on your homepage perhaps? even little!?) and will definitely be keeping an eye on your fabulously elegant creations. The detail in that dress is beautiful and the sheen is just the right satin without looking cheap or stiff.Congratulations and hope the work pays off on the great coverage you’ll get. xx

  3. I’m stupid. Just saw the link. Clearly having a slow day. Will drop by again and continue to lust after you cushions. x

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