I love junk shops

When I went to Suffolk last week I spotted a great junk shop and came home with these goodies.

1940s dressing gown pattern. If I ever make a dressing gown, I want to look as elegant as these ladies do.

Yards and yards of upholstery braid. I’m really into green this spring. The colour green as well as being green.

Now this… I really, really loved this. And didn’t buy it. The photo is terrible but the screen itself was amazing. Embroidered silk, all faded to a milky-coffee colour, battered, tattered and torn, but wonderful. If I had a house I would have bought this in a flash. Alas I would have also needed a bigger car – I wasn’t convinced this would fit in my battered box – it doesn’t really live up to it’s Tardis nickname. The screen was only £15, which made it even harder to resist. But I did, and I’m still a bit blue about it.

This dish almost makes up for it. It’s just as battered (lots of glue on the other side) but much more manageable.

Ah. Tassels. I do really love tassels. These are just so jolly. One will be on it’s way to a tassel-loving friend as soon as I get round to it.
More pictures of bits of Suffolk here and here.

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