What’s it all about?

I’ve been watching admiringly and jealously as Martha at Uniform Studio produces some stunning spring collections. I admire because of the complexity that is the underpinning of the simplicity of her designs. I am jealous because I want to be designing new things at the moment. I know, I know, I just designed and made a wedding dress from scratch, what more do I want? Well I want to do that all the time. I enjoyed it. Mostly.
However, it is show time, and that means stock time. Mountains of cutting, pinning, sewing, making lots and lots of the same thing. Luckily I have a student working for me at the moment, which is perfect timing, and we are getting a lot of stock made. And once the shows are over, it’s design time. I just received a bundle of organic cotton to make some samples with. I can’t wait to get cutting into this stuff!

Making new stuff, that’s what it’s all about. However, the reality is that I am busy with website updates including revising my green statement. What do you think?
There is also an up to date exhibitions and shows listing now, though that’s also here on the blog, just over on the right, since I tidied this up as well. I’ve been dealing with a few orders, press enquiries, a book proposal negotiation, stockist updates, supplies ordering, book-keeping, press releases, show invites to mailing lists, preparing and running workshops and all that other running-a-business stuff. Roll on the cutting and sewing.

3 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Hi Ruth! I am a floral designer in Southern California who has gone green, and I found you through Danny Seo’s blog. I met Danny last month and talked to him about going green with my wedding and event floral studio. I am the first floral designer in SoCal to sign up with organic bouquet for their wholesale program, and I have 1250 organic roses on their way to me right now for the wedding I am doing on Monday. I will have pictures up on my blog next week with the tips on how I incorporated green elements into this wedding. I think you will find it very interesting! One of the items I have not been able to source is an alternative for the satin ribbon that I use on the bridal bouquets, which sounds like something you have the expertise to make! Please don’t give up on flowers, there is a large shift in the floral industry going on right now with the introduction of the Veriflora environmental certification. The largest farm in CA (and 72% of the US domestic flower production is in CA) is now labeling their products at the wholesale level with the Veriflora certification, so please ask your florist or supermarkets where you buy your flowers to stock these certified flowers! They are becoming more available and will grow with consumer demand. I’d love to talk to you more about the fabrics.

  2. Just thought I’d say hello as I saw your stall at the Bovey Craft show today, and your creations are gorgeous! I missed you, but I did speak to your mum, who sounded very proud of your work! Hope you find the show productive.

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