A long break

Goodness it’s a long time since I posted. I have at last returned from my rushing around the country doing shows (and having a small holiday). Both of the shows took place on scorching hot weekends when no-one seems to have wanted to go shopping. Nonetheless, a good time was had, and the pennies in my pockets were soon redistributed. I met some lovely people and saw some fantastic work (more anon). Above are a load of cuffs ready for the shows.

Behold the last outing of this stand display (at Cockpit Arts two weeks ago) The colourful, eclectic and very busy look is over, and new plans are afoot for Origin later this year. Shows are a very good time for reassessing and planning the next one. I’ve made some pretty big decisions about the direction of my work altogether, which is filling me with excitement and desire to get to the studio right now! Alas laundry and cleaning have to come first.

2 thoughts on “A long break

  1. Wow, you always have such amazing jewelled colours. Are you moving away from your fabulous cushions then? I had no idea you did so many other accessories…Looking forward to Origin. x

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