I have been woefully neglectful of my online presences, both on this blog and on Flickr. Flickr is now updated with a random selection of pictures of what I have been doing the last couple of weeks, and a selection are also here, in absolutely no order at all.

– walking on Dartmoor

-running workshops for family groups (below made by a 7 year old)

-making aprons

-hanging out in a yurt with a lot of small children (and making felt)

-updating my other blog with poems from a workshop, some of which are sort of about me. I love this one.

Best in Show

In her studio
she unwinds the rosette,
uncoils this ribbon fossil,
salvaged from a charity shop.
She unpicks threads.
She unmakes pleats.
Frayed Vs
(for victory)
are snipped off ribbon ends.
She irons flat the faded silks
to reinvent, rework, remake

At the gallery
her new piece
is exhibited
next to a red dot.
For two hundred pounds
to a man who values the aesthetics
but fails to understand
why she’s called it,
‘Novice Championship –
Preliminary Round’

Emma Purshouse

-staring out of the window.

One thought on “Update

  1. lovely photos. i love the images of making felt. i also fancy your aprons. i love the one you did for tie one on. when i have a few more moments i’m going to spend some more time here and peruse your other endeavors. keep up the good workcheers

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