Apron and things

This is my entry for the Tie One On apron-fest for June – July, with the theme of pockets. Never one to go for the really obvious, I wanted to make something with a pocket, but not just an apron with a pocket, more a conceptual apron that just happens to include a pocket. The apron is a version of one I made a couple of years ago from transparent cotton organdie (which has, like so much of my transparent work, is really hard to photograph). A conversation with Zoe, (the marvellous student I had working for me for couple of weeks) sparked off this idea, which had been lurking, forgotten, at the back of my brain.

I do love taking part in online challenges when I have the chance, as it gives me something different to do and to think about. Quite often the results come in useful for other projects and exhibitions and always refresh my overworked brain.

Lots and lots going on, but I am totally distracted away from the computer by this – it’s the same every year. Will try to post some interesting things during the rain breaks this week.

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