A little spot of sewing

Now and again, I get chance to sew for myself. Things are a little quieter on the work front this time of year – carefully planned to allow lots of Wimbledon viewing. The endless rain delays last week gave me time to knock up a couple of new pillowcases. I’ve been thinking for ages that I need some new pillowcases, but I don’t like to buy non-eco stuff where possible and it has taken a long time for my brain to work out that I could make some.

A search through the stash brought up this lovely Liberty lawn I bought about 4 years ago. I only had 40cm, so had to piece a border and backing from an old duvet cover. I didn’t think of adding a stripe until I did the second cover, but I’m all for mis-matched and am very pleased with the results. And wow, sleeping on fine lawn cloth is NICE!

I also whipped up this little needlebook for my friend Jenny in Switzerland, in the hope of getting it to her in time for her birthday, which I think is around now…
Jenny always sends me wonderful fabricy things for my birthday. This year it was this fabric which I made into this dress (it’s actually finished now, but not photographed).
The pincushion is one of several of mine appearing later in the year in Pretty Little Pincushions published by Lark Books. Yay!
Now, back to the tennis.

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