Origin countdown 19 days.

It’s been a scarf day today. I’ve got a nice stack of 10 ready to pleat. My sewing machine in threatening to go on strike at the mere thought. Why do they always need a service when I am too busy to part with them? I should learn from this and have both machines serviced in the quiet days of early summer. Remind me next year, wont you?

Last week and the early part of this week was all about Pinkerton Boas. Lots and lots of them. No sewing machines required just a LOT of cutting and handsewing, which was getting a bit ouch on the fingertips, hence a scarf-making break.

Betwixt all that has been yet more furniture renovation work, which again was superceded by plan B half-way through. However, it does mean I have some nice desk drawers nearly finished and a new bedside table painted up and ready for Origin instead. It’s a long story, and not particularly interesting, so I’ll save it for a time when there really isn’t anything else happening (and I’ve got illustrative material to spice it up a bit).

Had a disastrous time with curtain-making for a friend. I had such trouble finding the right fabric in the right colour that I bought something in the right colour but totally the wrong fabric. Totally transparent in fact – not the look she wanted in her bedroom I don’t think! Somehow I didn’t really accept this until I had cut and hemmed the fabric into 2 large curtains. I got suitable fabric and dye today, but I am left with 10 metres of red polyester chiffon cut into 4 lengths, a total waste of £40. Several days of anguish and frustration, until I accepted that I was just going to have to swallow the £40 wasted and live with my stupidity. Then hurrah! a plan formulated to make up said fabric into a fabulous dress to wear to the same friend’s wedding next spring. I wouldn’t have bought polyester chiffon for a dress normally (and after all, I have a lot of fabric already) but it will make a fabulous dress. And it will be sort-of recycled, wont it?

And did I say 19 days at the top? 19?? Two and a half weeks? eek.

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