Origin countdown 16 days.

Yesterday: pleat, pleat, pleat a bit more, ruffle, ruffle, ruffle a lot more.
Today: Brief intermission for training (on how to fill in forms) and then pleat, pleat, pleat a bit more, ruffle, ruffle, ruffle a lot more.

(the stack of scarves waiting to be pleated and pretending to be a Paul Smith stripe).

There is a fine line between what is a pleat and what is a ruffle, particularly with my ruffly-pleaty scarves. They are ruffled really, but that sounds all frothy and girlie, so I tend to call them pleated. Its not a distinction many people would remotely care about, I suppose. Anyhow, I made lots-o-scarves. And a few cuffs, ruffs and a new version a mini-scarf-lette thing. It’s my new favourite thing. Here’s one in progress.

All the ruffles took their toll so I went to see some outdoor stuff. I’ve been pondering my new season colours for next spring / summer and there is a definite tug towards pink and green going on. Not that this season doesn’t involve plenty of pink and green, but just not together. I think there might be next time. What other colours I wonder? Hmm.

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