New Stuff

Origin countdown 13 days.

Here’s my little scarflette that I mentioned. I’ve only had time to make a few of these for the show, yet this one has sneaked in my bag and come home to hang out with the rest of my wardrobe to see how it likes being my own. I think it will be very happy. I also think I might have to make more.

However, today has been the day of cushions. Or A day of cushions really, as there will be several more days required to complete the huge stash I want ready for Origin. I got seriously stuck in a rut with my cutting-bias-strips-pleating-sewing routine and nearly abandoned my most popular cushion out of sheer frustration and boredom. However, a chance encouter with an iron and a misplaced pleat reminded me of something, and it all changed. Garrick V2 is born. But you can’t see it. It’s too shy to be seen until the big day (2nd October).

I’m working my socks off after dark (or rather, outside studio-opening hours) on my website, trying to improve and update the current offerings, which are sorely out of date in some areas. This is involving a lot of co-ordination of items of my own wardrobe to the studio, with the camera, with sufficient daylight and hours in the day. Its proving a little challenging, but hopefully results will be forthcoming soon.

One success story is my little Chinoiserie cupboard, now cleaned up and perching happily beside my bed, temporarily. It’s inside drawers are ready to be stuffed with produce for Origin.

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