Origin is now 5 days away. I feel like there ought to be an air of desperation and panic in my voice, but somehow I’m feeling quite ok about it all. I think its just resignation that I really can’t do much more in the time left, so there is no point worrying. This may all change at the weekend as it gets too close.

I am enjoying a sense of achievement by getting all of my website updated. Don’t rush over there, as its not live yet, but my part is done, all awaiting the technical exertise from Gill – to whom I owe many thanks for this! I’ll be so happy when its ready, as I’ve completely revamped all the collections sections with new and recent work, including some of the clothes I’ve never got round to photographing. Not that these are particularly brilliant pictures, but they will do for now until I have more time to do a better job. Hey, I’ll have some time in 12 days time. Now that’s a nice thought!

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