I said I would invent some more adventures. I didn’t exactly invent my day out, but I did hope to have an adventure. I had to get up far too early (in the dark) to get to Birmingham for the launch day of the Midlands Textile Forum. The day wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, but I met some great people, saw some interesting work and resisted buying lots of lovely books. My real adventures came afterwards when I went off in search of vintage clothing goodness at the Custard Factory. It was utterly dismal. The only thing I liked amongst assorted 1970s nasties and other tat was a newish skirt from a really cheap shop which probably cost less new. I didn’t buy it.

So, on the other end of the spectrum, I went to try Selfridges which I’m sure is supposed to be the coolest shop in the midlands. It was dire. The only stuff that even vaguely entertained me was the Cath Kidston franchise. I don’t really like Cath Kidston. I wanted to amble among fabulous designer clothes, fondling the fabrics, inspecting the cut, enjoying the sumptous surroundings. Oh well. Even the food hall failed to excite, and I was hungry.

So I’ll just have to work out time to go to Liberty next time I’m in London. I miss Liberty.
Why haven’t they got anything about the Arts and Crafts area on their website? Shame.

Time to book tickets to London!

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