Friday already?

How did that happen? Who stole this week? Another of life’s mysteries. Maybe it was this chap. He didn’t take all that long to construct, but maybe he’s some kind of time-eating monster.

I had a very enjoyable couple of hours this week observing the first sessions of a school project I’m documenting for Creative Partnerships. Like most artists and makers, I do other stuff to supplement my income, and this is one of the several interesting things I’ve got happening over the winter. I got to watch 3 and 4 year olds learning to dance like fireworks and then some 5 – 6 year olds making up a story about a magic key and a tiny horse. Not a bad way to earn money! Rest assured I will be working much harder in the months to come, discussing and unpicking and pondering the long-term effects of this project on the adults involved.

I also had a very useful and thought-provoking meeting with the Arts Council this week. It’s given me a lot to think about and decide about the direction my work is taking. Exciting, and also rather scary. I’ll come back to that when I know what to say!

In the less complicated side of life, I’ve had a lovely student, Christina, in to help me for a couple of days. Its always interesting having students to talk to and Christina was particularly so, as she’s a sculpture student, not textiles like most of them and works in a very different way to me!

In between all my rushing about I’m planning a holiday at last – now my car has passed it’s MOT – and we’ll be on the road next week. I’m visiting York, Edinburgh, Dundee, Loch Lomond, the Lake District and Manchester. Phew. Any tips on indie shops and galleries I should visit on my whistle-stop tour? Or other treasures to discover?

Talking of shops, I’ll soon be stocking a new eco-shop / gallery in London – more info on that soon. In the meantime, a tassel…

Oh, and I started actually writing my book. The one I can’t tell you about yet.

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