Johnny Depp wears buttons

Hello all, I’m back. In some stroke of amazing luck I managed to have a sunny week in Scotland and be back at work now its raining. And raining a bit more. I got stuck cycling on my way to work this morning when the canal / river towpath was underwater and I had to make a long diversion!

The holiday was mostly like this:

there was also friends, food, wine, galleries, delightful small children and a smidgen of shopping, none of which I took photos of, for some reason.

I did manage to take a pic of Clare and Diderik’s bedroom though – something to do with the quality of their curtains and stunning cushion centrepiece….

This lovely pair are having their wedding reception in Manchester Art Gallery next year. I’m so excited! I had a date there when I was 18, which still amuses me now, and I am very fond of the gallery all round. Fine excuse number 1 for making a new frock!

This Friday sees the opening of Our Eco Shop in south London, run by my friends Lisa and Bridget. They have very kindly asked me to stock some pieces in what will be a wonderful place. I’m so excited to see the shop! On Saturday I’ll be at the Eco Design Fair, so I hope I’ll be able to do all my Christmas shopping. Mostly I want to buy things for myself at the moment – very naughty. I’ve been earning money and the business hasn’t swallowed it all yet, and the urge to buy pretty things grows. Handmade things from other makers, vintage things, art, mostly. But for me. I did buy a few things. I’ll show you soon.

Oh – the title of this post – see here, and better pic here. Are they not the finest buttons you have ever seen? Congratluations Gina!

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