Our Eco Shop

Or rather their Eco Shop. This is Lisa and Bridget who opened their new shop on Friday night. Take a look at that Mod Green Pod wallpaper behind them. Harlands Organic Furnishings (available at Our Eco Shop) are the sole supplier of this fantastic eco wallpaper & fabric in the UK. How very cool. They are also making the only truly organic upholstery in this country. Impressive!

Outside & Inside. Good nibbles too.

Fabulous shop, well done you guys! There is also some self-interest on my behalf, they are stocking my Mantua Frill range and Amelia brooches.

I’m delayed in putting all this up by a whole rush of stuff.
The Eco Design Fair on Saturday, which was far too quiet, despite loads of fabulous stuff.

A party on Sunday celebrating the two-year anniversary of a sucessful bone marrow transplant for this little angel. What better reason to celebrate?

A meeting with my publisher. It’s really, really exciting!

Toothache and tooth extraction. Not so good, but all better now, as long as I keep eating slop.

Preparing for my open studio on Saturday.

And catching up on a bit of sleep!

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