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Everyone else seems to be busy getting ready for Christmas – making and buying gifts, planning parties and holidays and all sorts of fun. The nearest I’ve got is doing a small gift guide for Whip Up. My picks were Kup Kup Land, Gina B, Linda Bloomfield, Jennifer Collier and Tinctory. I should have included myself, really. Plenty of things still available, including these lovely Dragon cushions in need of a home, poor lonely Dragons, with lots of love to give, fully house-trained, dressed in 100% vintage linen and recycled wool, will not leave fur on your sofa…

I love the idea of giving handmade only this year. I’m mostly doing that, but some books will also be necessary, I think.

In other news, I’ve just confirmed a course I’m teaching in London on 24th January, at the Museum of Fulham Palace. The session is on decorative edgings, looking at frills, ruffles, pleats and ribbonwork. It’s part of a course on whitework and other embroidery on several days in January. It’s £30, 10.30-3.30. contact or phone 020 7736 3233 to book.

I’m making up a few Christmas orders, and starting work on sample chapters for the book, which alternately exciting and terrifying! Photography starts in early January, text to be completed by 14th March. So you might not hear all that much from me in the next few months!

I’m also starting to get ready for Top Drawer 13-15 January, where I’ll be showing my new range of framed textiles, for trade customers. I’m really pleased to see that they are promoting eco products at this show. Last year two of my pieces were selected for the On Trend show at the entrance of the fair – one of the many reasons I had a good show at Top Drawer Spring last year!

I’ve also just started work on resource packs for paintings in the Leicestershire Open Museum Artworks collection. Phew.

2 thoughts on “projects and more

  1. How exciting and inspiring! I am so glad to see that your career is ticking along – your work is beautiful and deserves lots of recognition!

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