Going to a museum used to seem like work, when I worked in one. Tomorrow I’m going to see some frocks and try really hard not to have opinions about how its been done. Just to look at frocks because they are nice and I like them.
I might also have to pop in to my old office and gloat at the poor people still working there, and continue to spread the fallacy that working for yourself is utterly marvellous. Although it is, mostly, I do miss working at the V&A. I miss seeing all the shows, being in the thick of it, going to conferences and seminars for free (though often I was working, so it wasn’t exactly relaxing!) and generally being surrounded by inspirational loveliness all the time. I miss the people too, so am looking forward to catching up with some of them (the ones that haven’t just moved back to Canada, at least…).

I’m also planning to see this and this, plus *hopefully* signing my big book contract (fingers very crossed).

Then it’s back to the tappy tappy book writing and suchlike for a couple more weeks then, finally, I’m having some (2 days) off for Christmas!

Let me know what you think

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