Thanks for the comments and emails about the book! It is really, really exciting. I’ll hopefully have more to show you in a couple of months.

I’ve been making up the projects; 6 down, 14 to go. I’m really enjoying this part, even though its under pressure. I should get a couple more done in the studio today. I’m starting with the quick and easy ones, which means I’ll be struggling away with the more complicated ones after Christmas, once I had a bit of a break.

The cushions here are some Christmas orders I’ve recently completed. I’m now trying to catch up on family present-making. Friends – be warned – don’t get excited about presents this year… Sorry.

I am always jealous of Karin’s stunning studio and environs, but as I arrived at my studio building the other day, the winter sun made it look pretty damn good. The surroundings aren’t quite like rural Sweden, but I can dream…

Let me know what you think

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