A tiny glimpse of something for the book. Progress continues, I’ve made 7 (or is it 8?) of the 20 projects, so I’ll be well over half way through them by Christmas, and have to completed them all by 11th January.

At the beginning of January I am going to London for the first tranche of photography – the two sample projects and 2 techniques for the blad (sample chapters) for promotional printing.
I’ve just found out that they want to do an author photo at the same time. So not only do I need a manicure for the in-action sewing photos, I need to sort out the rest of me too! Well, not the whole of me, just my head. A good excuse for some pampering over Christmas I think. Winter-dry hands are not ideal, nor are broken nails from cycle-folding mishaps. Just looking at the Brompton site for that folding link has made me really wish I’d had more time in which to buy the bike and been able to order a pretty colour. Mine is black, but I would like Turkish Green. Or maybe the two-colour option in apple green and cornflower blue. When I’m rich I’ll have the titanium version in Flamingo Pink. Definitely.
Anyway, I digress.
Actually, that’s it. I’m a bit under the weather and a lot tired, so I’m off to bed.

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