I knit, too.

When there is a little snippet of time, I knit

This cardigan below will be next but one on my needles, having mislaid the second part of the giant cream blanket.

It’s from Rowan Studio Issue One. I’m going to make it up in rather loud orange silk yarn which I bought years ago and have never found a use for. I’m not 100% sure I will wear an orange cardigan, but I probably will. But before that, there’s a hat needing knitting, with pattern problem solved at my stitch and bitch meet up last night! I also did exceedingly well with our secret santa and got one of these – which I’m using happily already, and plotting endless projects. I’ve got the go-ahead for another baby blanket too now, so mustn’t forget that in time for a little Welsh babe due in June. So, less typing, more knitting! bye

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