The lost fortnight

Exactly two weeks ago, I staggered home from the studio, full of cold and backache, and fell into bed. Where I stayed for two weeks. TWO WEEKS with flu. Today is the first day I have really felt ok. It’s such a relief! I wasn’t planning too much time off, what with that book to write, but I had planned some time with my family cooking, eating, lounging, walking, and some time sewing *for myself* and doing things I like to do. Like meeting up with friends for New Year’s Eve, and then an invigorating New Year’s Day walk. But instead I stayed in bed. I was quite glad that I fell ill over Christmas, as a freelancer – no-one expected me to be anywhere, deal with anything, although I did plan to have everything ready for the book content handover part one next week. Ho hum. The other good thing about being ill over the holidays was that there was plenty to watch on TV.

My presents had a fine irony for a person unable to move from their bed or eat… hiking poles, a tree guide and a wonderful food book.

I also finally recieved my copy of Pretty Little Pincushions, in which I have two designs. I’ll have to add the pictures another time, as darkness had fallen before I got round to it today. Likwise my spoils from my first real foray into the outside world. Knitting yarn. mmm.

Some of this, some of this and some of this in a discontinued cerise pink for my mum’s new hat. And some boring black for a not-boring new hat for me. Not sure what I’m going to do with the Noro, they only had two skeins of each, so that doesn’t give me a lot of options.

I have at last started work on the dress I was going to make myself to wear at Christmas.

I bought a medium weight grey wool which is far too thick to make the pleats in the top, so was planning to change them, which sounds just right considering the review here. Not sure exactly how I’m going to solve it just yet…

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