Up and running

Phew. My super team worked wonders and we got the show set up by mid-afternoon yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too fantastic by the end of it, but was pretty pleased with the result. The stand isn’t as good as it would have been if I had been able to do everything I planned. The backdrop fabric wasn’t *quite* as crease-free and beautifully-hung as planned and II wanted to have the whole bottom third of the fabric decorated. Another time! I am pretty pleased with the rather rapid cobbled-together wall panel to show the pieces in embroidery hoops. And generally the whole look came together pretty well considering I’ve been in bed for 3 weeks! The photo makes it look gloomy (though quite atmospheric), but in real life it’s quite bright, but still a cozy little nook.

I’m deeply frustrated at not being able to be there today and tomorrow, but all being well, I’ll get there on Tuesday for the last part of the show. Fingers crossed it’s been busy and getting some good interest while I’ve been at home. I’ve often watched unstaffed stands get full of interested people and wondered if it might be a good move to not be there sometimes! So we’ll see. I should also say that this show was supported by Creative Leicestershire, which is much appreciated!

One thought on “Up and running

  1. I’m seriously impressed that you’ve put together a show while you’ve had flu. Fantastic.I totally understand your feelings about the Cartherine Bertola opportunity, could have been very interesting, but I bet there will be more chances with others in the future. I could see you doing something like that over in Japan.I’m still kicking myself for not passing up the chance to work with Andy Goldsworthy when I was at college.I hope your bod starts feeling better soon, I bet you need a long soak in the bath to ease those muscles.

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