Getting on with it

Opps. I disappeared again then. Not due to illness, more due to wellness and the desperate scramble to catch up on some lost time. I’m back chugging away at the book, and juggling other things and hopefully making some headway.
Top Drawer seems to have gone pretty well, in the end. I spent most of the final day on the stand and looking through the contacts book, there was some exciting stuff fielded by my student helper and other kind people around about. I also picked up some nice bits and pieces for myself and for presents.

Lucky me got home to this in the post – a review copy which I have been drooling over. I’m not sure I will ever knit anything in it, but its nice to look at. I must write the review soon. This hasn’t helped my knitting obsession which is getting out of control. The one nice thing about being ill was that I got lots of knitting done. Yet somehow I don’t have much to show for it. Several inches of a very slow-grow cardigan and a ripped back sock that was a learning process, shall we say. I have finished my mum’s hat, but she’s off visiting my brother so no finished object modelling just yet. It’s more been a case of planning, plotting and working out what next. I’ve just made a hash of a hat for me, so that may have to start again, or I might live with wonky ribbing seeing as its black and no-one will ever see. Maybe.

I finished my dress, too, and even wore it for Top Drawer, but no photos yet. I’ll add it to the list!

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