Just popped in to say hello. I’m hurtling around at high speed working on the last few book projects (for phase 1) writing up the patterns and planning, sorting, fabric shopping (last bit is my favourite!).

I’ve also been working on my other major project, teaching resources on 20th century paintings, which is fascinating and totally different to the sewing stuff. I worked with my co-writer, a poet, today and we came up with loads of mad stuff. I was particularly pleased with some ideas around fantasy silhouettes, giant advent calendar-style streets and making miniature scenery. The ideas part is such fun, but I do have to squeeze in the writing at some point, as well as making samples of crazy plans to see if they work before we launch them at unsuspecting teachers.

I’m in London for the rest of the week, having a meeting about my other book (exciting!) and lots of essential fabric shopping for the book, a day’s teaching at Fulham Palace Museum (decorative edgings – lots of frills and ruffles) and a day of photography for Sewn Up including my author portrait (eeep!). I hope to squeeze in a little yarn shopping as well. I don’t have the money for that any more, having just spent my Christmas money on a new compact camera. This was recommended to me as an excellent camera and the fact that it is shock proof is marvellous for this increasingly clumsy person. I wasn’t able to get a pink one, I wish the Olympus site didn’t taunt me with it. Oh well. I’ll add pink camera to the fantasy shopping list of colourful technology along with a red ipod and a cerise Brompton. Hmm. I notice in that post about the bike that I was tired and under the weather, a month ago. I know what that turned into.

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