Welcome to overwork central

Last week was bit of an mammoth week for a person recovering from flu, but it certainly was productive. I had a meeting about my second book, which is looking really good – happy editor & happy author. I’m working on the sample chapters and my friend Gina is working on the first set of illustrations – I’m really excited to see them!

Back in the land of book 1, Sewn Up, I bought stacks of fabrics for the book samples. It was such fun to select new fabrics from lovely shops like Liberty and Cloth House. I normally only buy vintage or organic these days, so this was a treat!
Friday was the first day of photography for the book, which was fascinating, tiring and exciting. More pictures of the session here. I’m hoping to see the results today.

And last, but not least, I spent a day teaching in these wonderful surroundings at Fulham Palace Museum. Then I had a weekend off!

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