Everything you ever wanted to know about sewing and were afraid to ask

I’m about to start work on the practical techniques section of my book and want to know what you would like to find in it.

What sort of sewing things have you always been confused about? I know that sewing patterns are a issue for a lot of people, so I will be working on guide to understanding what they are all about. Are there things you see in books, or on other peoples’ work that you don’t really understand, like bias binding, blind hemming or walking feet?

Let me know and I’ll do my best to reveal all (just don’t come up with things SO obscure that I have no idea either…).
Leave me a comment or email me info (at) ruthsinger (dot) com

(ps that bottom image is bias binding. fear not!)

5 thoughts on “Everything you ever wanted to know about sewing and were afraid to ask

  1. All of the above! I think I’m pretty clued in with sewing, but I still get confused about bias binding- it seems like a lot of trouble to go to to make your own, but it seems like people swear by it. Also- I really want to do more machine embroidery using just a basic bog-standard sewing machine, what to I need and HOW to lower the feed dogs! Um…I think some of the most useful stuff i’ve ever seen in sewing books is the real basic things like a rough guide to threading a sewing machine (as most of them are pretty similar) and winding bobbins etc- stuff I knew how to do but had a real problem with explaining to my non-sewing friend. OOh and knowing how to use which thread with which material- how do you tell if something from a charity shop is cotton or something else. Sorry that’s probably way more than you were asking for!

  2. I’m always confused by things like French seams, and different fabric weights – what *is* poplin, and how is it different from muslin? That sort of thing. And interfacing? Interfacing scares me! Sew-in, iron-on, different weights! Too much information – so I end not bothering.Tina

  3. I love sewing – its my favourite non-work pass time. I think up to date info about ‘what fabrics should be used for what…’ I never know if I am using the right fabric or not, only down to my mum do I get to know anything of any use.Oh and collars on shirts are a bit of a mystery to me, I get by – sort of wing it a bit. never know for sure if I am doing the right thing.

  4. Information about different fabrics and interfacing would be good, especially when manufacturers tend to label their products differently in different countries and there is not always a good selection in the shops I have access to so I have to take a guess what is suitable. Instructions for the different methods of inserting zippers would be helpful too. I am most excited hough, about seeing the decorative techniques and projects you have designed.

  5. I work a lot with calicos and corduroys, so when it comes to stretchy fabrics I am lost. I don’t know how to cut them or how to sew them without bunching/stretching, and a bit too intimidated to really try it out.Also, a guide to satin stitching might be good. I see lots of embroidery instructions around, but they completely ignore satin stitching (and the stabalizers needed).

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