I’m a little ruffled at the moment. I had a glorious couple of days off for my birthday, and soaked up the sunshine (and some vintage treats). Then I started work again and all the deadlines were that bit closer than last time I looked.
Please forgive me if the blog continues this sparse for the next few weeks. I’m still putting occasional photos up on Flickr which is faster and easier at the moment.

I’m also in the process of updating my website, and there are new exhibition and stockist listings so you can track down my stuff in the flesh (at least in the UK). I’m not doing any retail shows for at least the next 6 months. (phew).
I’ve also included the information about the course on Hand Constructed Fabrics for Fashion which I am running at Wimbledon School of Art in July. This is a 4-day course and will be intensive and extremely enjoyable. I’ll post more about that as soon as I get a chance. There is a taster here (though that may be too small to read!). There will be fabric manipulation galore, pleats, ruffles, shadowwork, applique, trapunto and more.

This brings me neatly to ruffles. It’s no secret that I love ruffles. A recent accidental encounter with some curtain rufflette tape sparked off some fun ideas. Nothing concrete yet, but definitely something. Inspiration comes from the strangest places. And old cotton curtain tape is my latest obsession.

tape ruffle.JPG

This yellow tape is just so lovely.


Keep those sewing needs coming in – thanks for those received so far!

One thought on “Ruffled

  1. Hello, your work is beautiful!! Im a graduate textile artist:) I too love ruffles!!! I made sculptures from curtain tape for my degree show!! I used mostly reclaimed curtain tape, but had to buy some new as i didnt have enough 😦 The cotton stuff you have is lovely though :)))Your blod has inspired me to start updating mine a bit more frequently!! thanks xxxx

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