Good Friday

It’s always a good friday when I get two trade enquiries in the space of a couple of hours, especially when it’s a bank holiday and I feel like everyone else is away from their desks having fun.Or lounging on the radiator.

I’m thoroughly submerged in writing about seams and hems and suchlike so small interesting distractions are great. This week has also seen lots of teaching booked in the diary, a small (nice and small) writing project and couple of acceptances for shows.
It’s been a funny old week otherwise. I spent the weekend celebrating the marriage of a good friend in Manchester but on the down side my family are suffering from yet more misfortune and I’m frustrated by being pulled between wanting to be with my various bits of family and this blasted book deadline. I think I’m half way through the book, and have completed the most wordy bits, adding up to over 20,000 words. I have written the majority of that in about 3 days this week so I am feeling quite proud of myself, and have earned an hour off to walk in the woods and hopefully miss the hailstorms.

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