Sale time!

As a celebration of completing (most of) my book, I have put a few sale items up in my Etsy shop. Cuffs are now $20 from $40, and neckpieces are down from $120 to $95, and the last few constellations cushions in lime green and cerise are now $80 instead of $160. Shop now!

And a giveaway too:

This pattern amuses me a lot. If you are equally entertained then leave a comment saying why and I’ll pick a name out of the hat in a week or so.
Vogue 3011, 1961. Waist 25, Hip 34

4 thoughts on “Sale time!

  1. I think it’s funny how the ones on the top left have a hand but no arms, and the ones on the bottom left look like they are doing the can-can in thongs (sorry, flip flops).

  2. Ha! I love that these people have no top halves! That and they are arranged by height. A little like the bottom halves of a magician’s act got together for a choreographed number.(But please take me out of consideration for the pattern as I am not quite a pattern-sewer yet.)

  3. First time commenter here – my Mom has that pattern (probably still, she throws nothing away). I remember her making her summer shorts and pants with it!I was looking at your Etsy site earlier. The grey silk wall panel is gorgeous!

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