A good vintage. At last.

I’ve had trouble finding good vintage clothes in the last year or so, it’s been a frustrating time. My local shop, Dolly Mixture, failed to excite me at all last time I went in, several months ago (though I did buy this fabric, which I have since used in a book project) but I decided to give it another chance, and rather wonderfully, it came up with the goods. I was extremely happy to come home with a 1930s black velvet coat, complete with poufy collar (that’s a technical term) and ruffly-bits on the sleeves. It needs a bit of attention but should scrub up pretty well.

coat back collar.JPG

coat sleeve.JPG

A couple of days ago I was pondering my wardrobe full of lovely things I rarely wear so I decided to make do with what I have for a wedding in September, rather than try and find the time to design and make something new (though that plan may change, should spare time suddenly materialise). I have an amazing 1790s-style overdress thing which I made a couple of years ago to wear to a wedding ( and in just the shade of pea green with which I quite besotted at the moment). I haven’t ever managed to get a decent photo of it though (in this I look both miserable and pregnant, neither of which I was).

18th Century Dress

Here’s the back, which is much better.

18th century dress

I’m pondering wearing it with this skirt which I made from an antique sari I bought in India several years ago. I hardly ever wear it, for fear of staining it, which is stupid considering I have plenty more of the fabric.

I’m not subtle with colours, in case you didn’t get that already.

Anyway, what I was going to say some paragraphs ago, was that I didn’t think much of my chances of getting either a green or cerise vintage hat to go with this potential outfit. But my oh my, Dolly Mixture was on good form and I happily acquired this little treasure.


It needs a bit of steaming back into shape, but I think it will do very nicely.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also got an amazing 40s handbag in black suede which is square but dangles by a central handle. It’s a bit tricky to photograph.

bag flat.JPG
And two fabulous patterns and some vintage black and white 1″ gingham. HAPPY!

See, I haven’t moaned about being really busy and overworked in a whole post.

2 thoughts on “A good vintage. At last.

  1. Hi Ruth – you have such wonderful style….love the color combination of the overdress and the sari skirt. I am so enjoying Ms. Betty. She proudly hangs were all can see and ooohhh and ahhh over her.Many thanksChristine

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