Skirt heaven

I heard a rumour a while back about Clothkits relaunching and had a moment of fond nostalgia for my turquoise pinafore dress which I adored when I was about 6. I was prompted to go and have a look at the new stuff by a post on All Things Considered this evening. Oh my. I thought the kids stuff looked good. Then I spotted the words Rob Ryan (who’s work I love) and there was a match made in skirt heaven. A Rob Ryan-designed Clothkits skirt for grown ups. Almost sheer perfection (sheer perfection would be if it was printed on organic cotton). I want to design for Clothkits now. Should we start a campaign?

5 thoughts on “Skirt heaven

  1. Not sure if comments are moderated or mine got lost in the ether…That skirt is unspeakably awesome!!! So is the other adult one. Unfortunately not in my size πŸ™‚ You could probably do something similar with Spoonflower when they’re up and running. I know you can design up to like 44″ wide by however long you want. I’m really curious to see how the custom fabric printing is going to come out.

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