I had a weekend off!

Went here:
Saw this lot – not part of the plan but quite fun anyway. It’s odd for me to be on the audience side for a living history event. I was rather inspired, though this lot are 17th century & I do 15th century, in theory, though not at all at the moment.

Really nice spinning wheel. Really nice. I have always rather fancied a great wheel like this, but alas it has never been feasible. However, I have got a compact modern (traditional-style) one in my mum’s loft, where it has been for about 10 years, since being rescued from a skip by my dad (the original junk-acquirer, it’s genetic, I tell you…). The wheel needs to come out to play soon.

Went to the opening of this with friends and family:

That’s me and two of my pieces in the show.

Rachael (her on the right above) is a perfect weekend companion; she likes medieval buildings, sewing, drinking wine in galleries, hanging out in the garden with cats and eating south Indian food. And she’s lovely – it was a fantastic weekend.

Today I had another new work experience student start. She cut circles and stuck on bondaweb, and cut more circles, and sewed little fabric petals. All excellent!

Just before hometime, I quickly whipped up an offering for the Pincushion Challenge Sea theme. It’s months, probably years, since I last managed to do something for an online sewing challenge, so it was nice to do something at last.

pebble pincushion detail.jpg

I’m lecturing about 17th century embroidery tomorrow, and have had lots of fun reading up and looking for nice pictures. Once upon a time, textile history was one of my hobbies and I did lots of it. I’m working on ways of finding space for doing more of that.

Let me know what you think

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