What I want to be reading:
book stash.JPG

What I have been reading:

This is of course the book. These are the first draft of the text and images laid out. As I predicted, it was exciting for 10 minutes, then was stressful and time consuming. Still, it’s looking pretty good and will be fabulous when the designer has had another stab at it. Things are getting really tight deadline-wise so my list of things to do over the bank holiday weekend has just got longer. I’ve got patterns to draw out, diagrams to make up and samples to send off for more photography, and I need to write all the remaining text. Not the most exciting bits of the process, but the end is in sight, which is just fabulous.

The books and magazines in the beside-the-bed-in-a-hopeful-way stash have been building up for several weeks. On the other side of the bed there is a stash waiting since Christmas and my birthday (early Feb) to be read. I added a small pile of travel books and other random bits at charity super-cheap book sale at the weekend. And my new Selvedge arrived this morning. And I’ve just subscribed to Craftzine (which is rather different to my long-standing subscription to Crafts. There is quite a backlog for catching up with these too).
I got a free copy of Craftzine when my apron won a prize and have finally got around to subscribing. Such a lot of entertaining stuff in it. And thanks to the weedy dollar, quite a cheap subscription despite the airmail. Lots of nice things to look forward to when I magically have more time. I’m on the case of more time. I turned down quite a lot of paid work this week, in order to have more time to make stuff and some time for myself. Poor but less stressed, that’s the resolution for this year!

One thought on “Reading

  1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is wonderful and well worth the wait. Although it’ll have you gardening and keeping chooks before you know it.

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