Direct from the coalface

Things are a little quiet at Made In Clerkenwell just now, so I’m catching up with a post I started a couple of weeks ago, thanks to some kind folks who let me play with their wifi.

I’ve spent a lot of time chained to the computer finishing off the apparently endless museum-teaching-resources-project recently. But hey! It’s done! At last. It’s been hanging over me for months and now, at long last, it’s complete. One of the resources I wrote was about lino printing, so I had to make a sample to show the types of texture used in one of the artworks I was writing about. I haven’t made lino cuts for years but was thoroughly inspired. I’ve actually booked to do a workshop in a few weeks so i can re-learn properly. My sample-making for the project wasn’t a huge success, but I’m sharing it anyway, so you can see that my skills lie in sewing, not lino printing.

The full set of pics are here on Flickr.
There are some good instructions for beginners here.

lino printing - 1.jpg

lino printing - 2.jpg

lino printing - 4.jpg

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