100% Proof

This here is a small-scale book-checking procrastination attempt. I’m only on page 84 of 304, so it is going to be a long night (now 6.30pm). And I’m sulking that there is no Dr Who to distract me this evening. I’m determined to do the first read through and add all the easy stuff like pages refs and get the wonky sentences straight. There do seem to be about a gazillion pages refs in this book. Who’s stupid idea was that?


Yesterday evening I celebrated the completion of a small freelance writing project. For 5 minutes. Then I realised I had forgotten to write the introduction. Ho hum. It’s a teachers resource about contemporary fashion which I thoroughly enjoyed writing – more of which when its online in June. I’m also just coming the end of teaching a 6-week taster course on fashion and textile history, so I’ve been thoroughly absorbed in reading lots about fashion, which has been a great treat. Its almost like my old job without the boring bits.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now and get on with it. Then I can get on with writing new bits to fill gaps, doing my accounts and preparing my last fashion history class for Tuesday. Another wild bank holiday weekend for me!

edit: 11pm. I’m up to page 226 and my eyes hurt. I think I’ll stop for now. Only 78 pages to go.

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