Clothkits skirt

It’s taken some time but, at last, I have completed my Clothkits skirt.

I bought the kit as soon as I saw it online.

clothkits skirt.JPG.jpg

Having just put in those links I see that the skirt is now available in colours and I am kicking myself. I want the green one now. Oh well. I have black and white.

clothkits skirt in action.JPG

edit: me in the skirt. Its a bit shorter than I would like, but certainly fun!

clothkits skirt kit.JPG

Anyhow, I have deviated from the instructions, so I thought I would give you a little tutorial on how I did this.

Rob Ryan for clothkits skirt scalloped hem.JPG.JPG

First and foremost, I considered this scalloped pattern and the straight hemline below it – a real scalloped hem was called for.

So I cut out and joined the two back panels, then put the lining and main fabric right sides together, then carefully sewed around the scallop design. Full instruction on how to sew scallops are in the book!

clothkits scallops inside.JPG

clothkits scallops finished.JPG

I then cut pieces of left-over polyester quilt wadding to the same shape as each of the scallops (they are all different) using a template created by drawing round the turned scalloped hem.

clothkits wadding templates.JPG

I stuffed the quilt wadding into the scallops

clothkits stuffed scallops .JPG

then hand quilted (ish) the heart shape and the quatrefoil shapes around the edge. Very roughly. There are proper quilting instructions in the book!

clothkits quilting scallops.JPG
clothkits finished quilted scallop.JPG

I then sewed up the side seams and adjusted it to fit (I cut the pattern pieces on the biggest size-line so I had lots of flexibility and could get more of an A-line shape in the finished skirt). Putting in the lining by this method means that the side seams have two layers – both main fabric and lining, which is a bit bulky, so I trimmed the seam allowances down and hand-overcast the edges, after pressing the seam allowances open.

I dispensed with the facing, as I have got a bagged-out lining (this is what you call a lining which is sewn down at the hem with the right-sides facing and then turned).

I put in the invisible zip which was kindly provided. I wasn’t sure that the instructions actually explained how to put in an invisible zip properly, and I’ve lost them now. But guess what? The instructions in the book!

I decided to finish the waistband with a strip of bias binding – I originally cut some black organic cotton then lost it (which has delayed the finishment by about 3 weeks) so used a length of black silk I had knocking around. I attached it using the single-fold binding technique (which is all in the book). The bias binding curves around the curve of the waistband nicely.

skirt waistband

It still needs a hook and eye on the waistband, and some sunshine and an occasion to wear it, but at least its ready at last! I’m going to wear it with my new red shoes (until I can’t walk anymore, then I’ll wear my new comfy black shoes). Now I think about it, I’m teaching on Sunday which is as good as an occasion as any (seeing as I don’t have any Viktor and Rolf in my wardrobe) and I’ve a party to go to next weekend – so lots of skirt-outing potential. Hurrah!

Further thoughts added September 2008

  • The fabric is thicker than I would have liked for a skirt like this, so it hangs rather stiffly. A finer fabric would hang more nicely.
  • The print wasn’t created to match up on the back seam, which is a real shame, as it wouldn’t be hard to do – likewise the scallop design which gets mashed up in the seams, if you want to do scallops like I did.
  • The lining is a good quality white polycotton which worked fine.
  • I didn’t use the instructions, but they looked pretty clear to me, except I was confused by the zip insertion.
  • Clothkits delivered it very quick and nicely packaged and presented. Very happy with their service.

Have you tried it? Any more thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Clothkits skirt

  1. AMAZING. Will be utterly outshone by your gorgeous self on Sunday, not least of all because due to last minute train disasters I may very well be still wearing the same outfit I’ve got on now, then.Don’t stand too close to me on Sunday will you??!

  2. I love what you have done with the scalloping – really looks fantastic! Do you mind if we link to this page from the Clothkits website to show other people what else you can do with the kit? We are really keen to let other people learn how to deviate from the norm…

  3. I love what you have done with the hem. I have been admiring that skirt on the clothkits website and I’ve always thought that the scallops were crying out to be proper scallops. Unfortunately the skirt is a bit expensive when converting to NZ dollars so it may be a while before I can afford to buy my own. I’ll look forward to reading the rest of your review of the kit.

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