A box full of memories


I’ve been doing a bit of sorting out at the studio. Exploring boxes that haven’t really been looked at in years. This box of beads and bits of jewellery surprised me – so many lovely things I’d forgotten I had, and lots of memories crammed in this little box. If you click on the image you can see the annotations in Flickr.
My studio is stuffed with boxes of interesting things, some of which get used a lot and some of which just languish. Or are just waiting for their time to come. Either way, there is a lot of stuff.
I know some serious clearing out will need doing when I move out of there!

I went to see a cottage and attached studio on a farm yesterday. It was pretty amazing. A very basic little place, carved out of the end of a barn! A bathroom in the basement and a large bedroom/loft above the living room/ kitchen. All connected with ladders and heated by a single stove. Its so different to my current life, sharing a large family home with BIG rooms! Sadly the studio was just a barn. Far too dark, damp and draughty for me to work in. My fabrics (and me) need a few home comforts!

So I shall stay in my current home and current studio until another quirky cottage and studio with damproofing and windows comes up.

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