And so to embroider

And So to Embroider

My obsession with old sewing books goes on. This one – And So To Embroider – was a manual for the Needlework Development Scheme, designed to improve needlework in schools.

1950s embroidery patterns. I love ’em! I’m particularly fixated with circular patterns. I can’t actually embroider, really. I just like the designs. One day I’ll learn to embroider. I learned to knit after all.

Isn’t Mr Reindeer oven-glove just gorgeous? Apparently he’s supposed to be a mitten, but that might be going a bit too far. I love folk art too, and stylised animals are about perfect.

The gingham apron reminded me that I really ought to get something done for the Tie One On theme. My dad recently found the gingham apron I made at school when I was 5. (I’ve not seen it yet, but I will get photos soon!) I haven’t seen it in years, but remember it well. I sewed it to my skirt. Clearly a master sewist even at 5. Not. It took many more years before I learned to sew properly. And I still haven’t got around to learning to embroider and to quilt properly. Time, time. If only I had a bit more time. Or had been subject to the Needlework Development Scheme. I do think its sad that kids don’t get to do sewing at primary school anymore. Or knitting. Or pretty much any crafts, apart from one-off projects. But I’m not about to volunteer to work in primary schools, I did that for a bit and decided it really wasn’t my idea of a pleasant way to make money. Rewarding in other ways, yes, but not altogether pleasant. Adults are so much more relaxing to work with!

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