Testing testing

I’m looking for willing sewing people to test out the patterns for my new book.
Here’s the deal:

  • This is entirely unpaid, I’m afraid.
  • You will need to test out the pattern instructions and diagrams within 2 weeks of receipt of the pattern.
  • I am not able to supply fabrics (unless there is something hard to obtain for that particularly project, which I will supply it) – you need to use your own fabrics, at your own cost. You could do it in scrap fabric as I don’t need the finished product.
  • You can keep what you make.
  • You need to send me comments by email on the pattern, instructions and diagrams within 2 weeks of receipt.
  • You MUST NOT show the pattern, diagrams, instructions or stages of making or finished project online. I have to keep the projects under wraps until publication, which will be 2009.
  • You will receive some goodies from me as thanks, but I will not be able to send free copies of the book, as I only get 2 copies myself!
  • You will get an acknowledgment in the book and online when the book is published.
  • You will get a sneak preview of the project(s) you test!

I know that’s a lot to ask, but if anyone is willing and able (during August and September) please send me an email – ruth@ruthsinger.com

there are 20 patterns, you can test as many as you can realistically fit in within the timescale. I’m happy to negotiate if you are really keen and want to do more than one. There should be leeway for this. Tell me if you have plenty of time or not much time, and I’ll find something suitable. Also tell me your sewing level – there are a few suitable for beginners, but you need to be able to work independently and to a reasonable level of skill.

Overseas people will probably get PDFs, while UK people will get them by post or PDF.

Any questions, just let me know!


9 thoughts on “Testing testing

  1. Hi Ruth. I would love to help/test/report on a pattern. Hope a sewer in Australia is not too far away. Oh how exciting.Kerry – Melbourne

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