I seem to be a bit too busy having a social life. I’m enjoying August and taking it easy, having weekends off, evenings with friends and loooooong weekends away. Several of them. Its GOOD.
I spent the past weekend in Cambridge which is always lovely and is even better now my good friend Rachael lives there.

kings college, cambridge

The sun even came out. Briefly…

antique shop.JPG

The sun always shines on closed antique shops with pretty pink cake stands…

We did the first photoshoot for my new book in the botanic gardens, nipping in and out of the glasshouses and cafe between the showers.

botanic garden side gate.JPG

It was quite a laugh and we got some good shots of skirts and larks.
Here’s a tiny taster.

vintage shoes.JPG

We also did some very enjoyable shopping, my grand once-yearly buying of new clothes – not vintage, not second-hand, but NEW. From Noa Noa and from a nice indie boutique that had lots of Marimekko on sale! wow. My camera battery has just expired so I’ll add the photos of my spoils next time.

This one I didn’t buy. But I liked it A LOT.
I thought I’d lost my camera while I was trying this on (clearly I hadn’t) so I ended up rushing off without it, which my bank balance has thanked me for, but my heart yearns….

I also rather fell in love with this hat, which would be perfect for the wedding I’m going to next month if it was red and wasn’t £95.

me in confection.JPG

I’ve got the makings of a similar crazy hat-thing, but who knows if I’ll achieve that in time, along with the dress I plan to make. I’ve got the shoes. That’s all.

I’m off to Shrewsbury on Friday and I’m told there’s a newly-opened vintage clothes shop, so more clothes may well come home with me….

I’ll be back in a week or so with some more interesting things to show, I promise. I’m working on too many top secret projects at the moment, its a blog-drag!

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  1. Those shoes are fabulous! They are pretty similar to my wedding shoes. Hmm, I haven’t worn them since then. Perhaps I should have them dyed a nice olive green and wear them? Great pictures. 🙂

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