Vintage patterns

I’ve had some pattern-buying success recently.

vogue couturier pattern

This one is stunning, but the envelope was thin, so I knew it would be missing bits. It was so cheap that I thought I would risk it, rather than trying to unfold in the charity shop. What I really wanted was the pattern for the funny little overshirt bit, rather than the dress. And I was in luck!

vogue 4747 pattern

This one is unused and looks like its never been taken out of the envelope. I think I’ll ebay this one.

mon ouvrage

I found this lovely 1952 French magazine in a lovely little shop in Cambridge (the name of which will be added later!). They had loads of them, it was hard to choose, but this one has some nice knitting patterns (if I can decifer them).

mon ouvrage

70s isn’t really me, but I liked this dress and the pattern was only about 50p, so I thought I’d give it a try.

butterick pattern

I’m really, really busy at the moment, posts will be few and far between for a while, but I’ll try and keep up with showing some images now and then.

One thought on “Vintage patterns

  1. Wowsers. Good finds!! Have been having serial sewing disasters at the moment so seriously in need of some virtual dress production (where you beg the gods to combine the pattern and the fabric for you and it magically appears at the end of your bed the next morning, fitting you perfectly and making you look two sizes smaller). I may have to beg one of those for the god-bothering!!xx

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