Fabric Shopping

Fabric buying

I do try not to buy fabric which isn’t organic or recycled. Sometimes I lapse because I love prints SO much. Especially Japanese ones. And Liberty.
95% of the fabric I buy is for work. This is for me. Although the orange penguins are for a shirt for my godson, when I can find a suitable pattern for a 3 year old (any ideas?) I was with his mum when we spotted this, and she excitedly told me how much he loves penguins. I wish I’d known this before, it would have saved all sorts of gift-buying decision-making. So, sooner or later, there will be a penguin shirt, and if there is enough left, a penguin of penguin fabric. Again, if I can find / invent a toy penguin pattern.

I wish I had time to start on penguins and dresses for me and all of the other plans I have for all this fabric (and much more besides) but for the next couple of months I am concentrating on :

a) book 2 projects (nearly ready for testers, but not quite, patient testers-in-waiting)

b) Origin. (Just starting to panic).

c) A dress and a hat and handbag for a wedding in a few weeks. So far I have moved the pile of fabric from the studio to the house and back again. Not a great deal of progress. Although I have at least decided on the the pattern, after much too-ing and fro-ing.

I’m having yet another non-working weekend doing lots of hand sewing of linen and lots of spinning of wool, in a field, somewhere in Norfolk. Back next week.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping

  1. ohoh! lovely finds :-)I especially like the fabric with the grey circles.I think the exam went fine. I did two already, still four to go.good luck with your book two! it’s so exciting all these book projects you are working on!!have a lovely day!

  2. I have several of the burda special magazines of kids clothing and I’ve found their patterns are a good fit and stylish. I’ve also made some clothes from the Ottobre magazine and they were good too. I don’t like the kids patterns from Butterick etc as the fit seems wrong.

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