The Disappearing Day

Bank Holiday

I came back early from my weekend away, and thought I would spend a nice bank holiday today doing lots of things I haven’t had time for recently, like:

  • finishing the endless cardigan (nearly there, just the button band and collar!)
  • making the dress to wear to my friends’ wedding (cut out, except the bodice, for which I have lost the pattern)
  • tidy up and prepare for the stag party (yes, really) I’m hosting this weekend (failure. have only succeeded in making more mess, though I have planned the dessert)
  • write several blog posts and have them ready for the week (nope)
  • photograph the remainder of the goodies I’ve bought recently which consists of a large and ever-expanding collection of yarn, plus some vintage ceramics, a few more tins and a pair of Liberty-print knickers (brand new….) (not done, despite the fact they are all sitting on my desk and getting in the way)
  • finish the book I’m reading (almost…. this is what happened to most of the day, along with tent-drying and cat-stroking)
  • read Mixtape and Craftzine (lost under a pile of stuff)
  • learn opus anglicanum (maybe a little ambitious, though I did sort out my silks)

Biggest success of the weekend – NOT thinking about work.

[edit- don’t believe a word wikipedia says about opus anglicanum, I only put that link because the stuff I wrote about medieval english embroidery on the
V&A website has temporarily vanished). Try this instead.]

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