Pink and Grey

pink on silver.JPG

I spent ages last week pondering colours for upholstery fabrics to make for a chair re-furb. I need to make something to match the colours I’m mostly using at Origin – red/pink, green and cream with a little black and grey. Plus a stray orange number. Never one to shy away from strong colours I was pondering grey / black or pink / red and working out the quantities of fabric I needed to do each panel in the techniques I wanted. Green would actually have been ideal but I haven’t got the necessary fabrics without buying more, which is insane given how much I have already.

pink on charcoal.JPG

After several hours I was getting totally frustrated and fed up. So I started sorting out some piles of magazine clippings instead. And found this.


An old Elle Decoration article about a house mainly dark grey with cerise pink accessories. Decision made, in a flash. Why oh why didn’t I think of that in the first place? Its so obvious and I’ve always liked the combination of the two colours.

pink and grey.JPG

Now all I have to do is decide on what sort of pink and what sort of grey and which is the background and which the applique….

grey on pink.JPG

charcoal on pink.JPG

Actually, I have decided. But I’m interested to see what you think too. Which is your favourite combination?

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