Project Preview: Blanket

Sew it Up, a modern manual of practical and decorative sewing will be published in 8 weeks time on 30th October and I am going to share something from the book each week until then.

First preview is one of the projects. This is a detail shot of a re-furbished old wool blanket. Start looking for nice old wool blankets now, ready to make this for snuggling under in the winter.

There are stories behind each project in the book. This one had a tussle with a cup of tea during the first lot of photography so it ended up spending the afternoon in the bath. It survived unscathed and is now on the back of my sofa.

Once the book is published, I’ll be sharing more information on the project materials, techniques and ideas of how to use the hundreds of practical and decorative techniques in the book. I’ll also throw in some stories about the development of the book and the designs I have created for it.

There are some other project sneak peaks here.

Photography by Jan Baldwin.

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