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I got these gems at a car boot sale recently. I have no need for 3 yellow coffee cans, and certainly no space. Ho hum. I’ll cram them in somewhere, and keep hoping for a change in financial circumstances to allow me to have the small mansion I could surely fill given half a chance! I was drawn to the bright colour, even though I don’t normally go for yellow. I think the fact that bright yellow ceramic is so uncommon was what drew me. Plus the lovely detailed design on the edges.


I found these on the floor in the charity shop. After I bought them I wondered if some poor soul had actually dropped them rather than donated them. oh well. I love the pinuck stitching and the little bow which is made from a strip of leather threaded through two slits. Simple but effective.

paisley pants.JPG

amazing print knickers by Ted Baker, bought on sale in a real old ladies’ clothes shop. No wonder these hadn’t sold. These are NOT second-hand you understand. Brand new underwear. I just love the idea of Paisley pants. The construction is so simple, it makes me ponder again learning to make couture lingerie, maybe here, or maybe just with a book.


I love jewellery, but wear less now than I used to as it gets in the way when I’m working in the studio. I used to make beaded jewellery myself, and still play around with stuff now and again, although I’m not much of a bead person anymore, having exhausted my bead-y-ness as a teenager. I still have LOTS of beads. Luckily they don’t take up much space. I rather fancy taking up silversmithing, to make some one-off chunky pieces. Alas no silversmithing course in my city. Instead I’ll have to satisfy myself with occasionally buying really special pieces from jewellers I know, and the odd bit of cheap and cheerful big rings from markets.

If I had space, I’d store each item of jewellery on its own yarn cake along a long shelf!

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  1. If you were to make couture lingerie that really would be following in the family tradition! I often think just how proud your Grandmother would have been of you if she had lived to see what you get up to.

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