Revealing things….

I’ve done the first ‘reveal‘ of a project from Sew It Up. I’ve also started thinking about what else I will add to the Sew it Up blog once the book is published.
I’m thinking about:

  • Background to the design and making of each project as there are some entertaining stories!
  • Specific materials I used and links to suppliers
  • A gallery of images of projects you lovely readers make from the book!
  • An extended reading list (which wouldn’t all fit in the book)
  • Suppliers list (which I’d like to do as adverts from the suppliers)
  • Monthly special features of some sort…?

I’d like to make the blog a sewing community, so you tell me what you would like to see on there.


2 thoughts on “Revealing things….

  1. I think a gallery of “our” works/projects would be fun. i would also like to see a suppliers/ref. list and recommended reading.

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